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About Damian

Committed to Health




Member Osteopathic Council of Ireland 

Damian graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, with a double degree in Applied Science (Clinical Science) and Osteopathy in 2005.

Damian initially worked in rural Australia before taking the opportunity to move to Dublin in 2007 where he practised for 3 years. During this time he also began to lecture, believing it added further to his practice skills and allowed him to become a more rounded practitioner. 

 He then spent two years practicing in Melbourne, Australia where he gained experience in areas such as treatment of the elderly and chronic pain syndromes, before returning to Dublin in 2012.


Damian has always been a keen sportsman, and this interest has transferred into his work with a genuine passion for getting people active again. Along with sports related treatment, Damian has enjoyed much success in the treatment of back pain and migraines/headaches, as well as general aches and pains.


Damian treats with a predominately structural approach and uses a variety of techniques to help decrease pain levels and improve body function. These techniques include manipulation, soft tissue, functional and indirect techniques. 


Damian prides himself on being able to tailor treatments to best suit patients’ particular needs, thus providing them with the best possible treatment. 

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