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Damien is amazing! I always leave Dublin Osteopathy pain free and feeling 'straighter'. Instant pain relief. I am a nurse with almost chronic/constant lower back pain and I have been going here for more than two years. I am a regular massage goer but nothing suffices like a visit to Dublin Osteopathy. Highly recommended. Damien is well known in Dublin as an excellent osteopath. Many thanks!!

Adam Gaine (via Google)

Damian is the absolute best! I had a tailbone injury since December 2017 and spent all of 2018 trying out different doctors and osteopaths until I visited Damian. With around 6 sessions he was able to decrease the pain and increase normal mobility (while others only solution was a steriod injection). He is extremely patient and answered all the questions I had. I can't recommend him more highly.

Maya O

I've had a few disc prolapses in my life but the last one 5 years ago hit me so hard I couldn't walk properly for over 2 years. Then I went to Damian Gargan. And I can tell you one thing: he knows what he's doing. He's the Steven Spielberg/Roger Federer/Lionel Messi/Michael Jordan of Osteopaths. I've been to several "medical professionals" in Dublin but that didn't help at all. Damian changed my life. Apart from his expertise he's your super nice and friendly Aussie from next door who makes you feel comfortable and gives you a world-class treatment! 6 out of 5 stars! ;)

Juan N

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